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Sweep robots need 3 positioning and navigation technology?

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Sweep robots need 3 positioning and navigation technology?

VTVRobot R&D engineers proposed that as an excellent intelligent sweeping robot, it must possess the following qualities: positioning distance measurement system, navigation composition system, and ultra-powerful brain planning path. High-precision gyroscopes ensure that sweeping paths do not run away.
What are the positioning and navigation technologies?
First, the laser ranging navigation system intelligent sweep robot is to generate indoor maps through the method of laser ranging, on this basis, a reasonable planning of the sweeping route, rather than trying to hit and hit, the user intuitive feeling is that it looks relatively clever.

Its realization principle is that: its top is provided with a rotatable laser emitting head and an associated receiver, and the digital map is generated by scanning the distance of the laser itself to each point of the boundary, and can also be performed in real time according to the change of the position of the furniture in the house. Update, this is very suitable for home, even if the furniture changes will be adjusted in time.

Sweep robots

Second, indoor positioning navigation system VTVRobot indoor sweeping method similar to the introduction of indoor smart grounding robot, the realization of the principle is to set up a room to send a signal module, the robot by measuring its own offset angle with the signal to determine their position .

Recently, China Vision Intelligent released an upgraded version of the vacuum cleaning robot v8 indoor positioning navigation sweeping robot. After the upgrade, the signal transmission module was built into the sweeping robot and charging stand, which broke the limit of the range of the external navigation signal launch of the previous generation wiper robot and achieved Whole house positioning.Sweep robots.

Third, the image-based navigation system. It uses the camera mounted on the top to scan the surrounding environment, and then uses an infrared sensor to map out the map of the room using mathematical operations, geometry, and triangulation to navigate, and determine the current position according to the position of each landmark in the front and rear images. Move the route and update and adjust the environmental model it builds. Sweep robots.

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