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Sweep robots need 3 positioning and navigation ...

  1. 2018/04/26
  2. admin
Sweep robots need 3 positioning and navigation technology? VTVRobot R&D engineers proposed that as an excellent intelligent sweeping robot, it must possess the following qualities: positioning ...

High intelligence is the trend of vacuum robots

  1. 2018/04/24
  2. admin
High intelligence is the trend of vacuum robots The sweeping robot is constantly improving the cleaning effect as the most intelligent cleaning products, in the current wave of home appliances ...

Do you own an automatic vacuum cleaner?

  1. 2018/04/23
  2. admin
Do you own an automatic vacuum cleaner? VTVRobot China robot vacuum cleaner v8, automatic vacuum cleaner, adopts intelligent detection system with planned cleaning work, it can an help you do a...

Official comparison of 20 vacuum robots

  1. 2018/04/18
  2. admin
What is the result of automatic robot vacuum cleaner performance? China Consumer Association tests 20 models of automatic robot vacuum cleaner performance (performance is not proportional to pr...

Say no to dust, robot floor sweeper cares for y...

  1. 2018/04/04
  2. admin
In recent years, with the intensification of air pollution, haze has worsened, and all people are aware of the harm of haze weather to the human respiratory system. The dust that we produce in d...

Cheap and expensive robot vacuum cleaner reviews

  1. 2018/04/02
  2. admin
Robot vacuum cleaner reviews The two biggest differentiators in a vacuum that is expensive vs expensive tend to be: Advanced Features, Cleaning Performance. First up, let’s talk about advanced...

How to replace the battery in the robot cleaner

  1. 2018/03/30
  2. admin
Recently received a FAQ from a vacuum cleaning robot dealer and asked me how to replace the battery with a robot vacuum cleaner. My answer is very simple, because the VTVRobot does not need to c...

What is the best vacuum for pet hair? (2)

  1. 2018/03/28
  2. admin
Which pet vacuum cleaner is best for you? VTVRobot is the largest manufacturer in China and has branches in the United Kingdom. VTVRobot series products have been sold to European and American ...

The fun time for children with Robot Vacuum Cle...

  1. 2018/03/21
  2. admin
Robotic vacuum cleaners are now very popular for a number of reasons: When you are away from home, VTVRobot v8 is smart and starts working at a pre-determined time. However, it can also bring l...

What is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair ? (1)

  1. 2018/03/13
  2. admin
How to Choose A Vacuum Cleaner For Pets ? You like animals, but sometimes you fly around with animal hair, even under the sofa, clothes, and animal hair on the table. You can’t stand it. ...

Diligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  1. 2018/02/28
  2. admin
Robot Vacuum Cleaner Recently, VTVRobot released a new Robot Vacuum Cleaner V6, diligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner, opened a new pattern of smart home appliances. Many young people want to have the...

What is the best window cleaning solution?

  1. 2018/02/15
  2. admin
What better way to clean the windows? Recently, many of my friends asked me. I was very surprised, science and technology so progress, how do you also personally clean. According to the data, p...
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