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Do you own an automatic vacuum cleaner?

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Do you own an automatic vacuum cleaner?

VTVRobot China robot vacuum cleaner v8, automatic vacuum cleaner, adopts intelligent detection system with planned cleaning work, it can an help you do a lot.

1.90-120 minutes running time
2. Vacuum cleaning
3. Moisture mopping
4. Construct a virtual wall

China’s robotic vacuum cleaner v8 has an infrared sensor to detect obstacles and automatically bypass
The new Chinese robotic vacuum cleaner v8 is equipped with seven infrared sensors for detecting and avoiding obstructions such as walls or cables, thus carefully cleaning the floor. You can safely enjoy the clean environment.

Automatically return to the base for charging
When the battery power is less than 20%, the China robot vacuum cleaner v8 can automatically return to the base to automatically charge for the next cleaning.

automatic vacuum cleaner

Scheduled weekly cleaning
In addition to remote control, it is also possible to make scheduled appointments. The vacuum cleaner provides a scheduled cleaning function. You can set the next cleaning task in advance and set different times. The cleaning time automatically starts cleaning mode. When you come home from work, the home is very clean, VTVRobot Automatic vacuum cleaner.

Powerful lithium batterThe strong lithium battery has a longer life and is shorter than normal battery charging time. The new smart automatic vacuum cleaner v8 runs for 120 minutes, enough time to clean your big house.

Intelligent detection system to adapt to different environments
The new intelligent automatic vacuum cleaner is equipped with an intelligent detection system, combined with a smart chip, up to 25 sensors, gyroscopes and accelerators, enabling it to achieve more efficient automatic cleaning.
The intelligent automatic vacuum cleaner is able to understand the environment and select the cleanliness route, which is the most suitable route to clean the room.  VTVRobot Automatic vacuum cleaner.


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