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Official comparison of 20 vacuum robots

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What is the result of automatic robot vacuum cleaner performance?

China Consumer Association tests 20 models of automatic robot vacuum cleaner performance (performance is not proportional to price) (unpublished)

On April 10th, the Consumers Association of China announced the testing performance of the twenty automatic robot vacuum cleaners on the market. The results show that the price is not a major factor determining the performance of the robot.

20 automatic robot vacuum cleaners participated in the test. The staff members of the China Consumers Association purchased them as ordinary consumers from home appliance stores and online platforms. Prices ranged from RMB 799 to RMB 7,499, of which 7 were integrated with the functions of scanning and dragging. The 13 models are vacuum cleaning robots that only have the cleaning function.

After testing, it has been found that the operating noise of the automatic robot vacuum cleaner is generally high. The noise of human living environment should not exceed 45 decibels.

In this test, the model with the lowest average noise level was about 53 decibels. Some models are equipped with a high-end model, with greater suction and noise, and individual samples have a noise level of about 72 decibels, which is the same as that of ordinary vacuum cleaners. In the analysis of the Consumers Association, when the sweeping robots were working, the noise was high because of the working principle of using a high-speed rotary fan to generate negative pressure to collect dust, so the noise could not be reduced to a very low level.

automatic robot vacuum cleaner

Finally, China Consumer Relations Association reminded that the expensive automatic robot vacuum cleaner on the market basically does not have the function of cleaning, and is mainly based on cleaning. It is worth mentioning that the anti-drop function of all models can better prevent the machine from falling. There is no direct relationship between price and cleaning coverage. There will be omissions during cleaning. Sweeping robots cannot completely clean every corner of the home, so instead of purchasing an automatic robot vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to clean it completely.

From the evaluation results, the VTVRobot who did not participate in the evaluation was successful. There are two major reasons:
1, VTVRobot automatic robot vacuum cleaner, not only vacuum suction sweep, but also to mop.
2, VTVRobot automatic robot vacuum cleaner, noise is less than 50 decibels, within the normal range of human acceptance.

VTVRobot’s cleaning products are well received by users and are sold well in overseas markets in China. It is worth buying and using.


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